10 On Tuesday | Spokane Photographer

1. We have a job. 🙂 Nathan got a call yesterday afternoon from the company that sends him out (he travels) and left at 4 this morning for Royal City, WA, a tiny town about 2+ hrs away. Hooray for a job!

2. And with that we have to find him and pay for a place to stay, so will you continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers? It’s so tiny, there doesn’t seem to be a place for him to stay, and I don’t want him driving back and forth every night (just on the weekend please!), that would be so miserable.

3. Along with the fun session of little Cole I did this past weekend, I also did a short session with my sister and brother-in-law! And because I know she’s waiting…

4. Ivy, this one’s for you! 😉

5. Yesterday my bestie and I went into a local consignment store to find Emmalia some “new” shoes, which we were successful at. As we were leaving, by the door, was a vintage school desk and chair for $8! We stood there staring at it forever (or like 5 minutes, either one 😉 ) debating where it could go (our house is teeny), and to what extent it could be salvaged. It’s not bad looking, and could be used as is, but the tin (?) feet are a very light dusty rose, which won’t work for Landon or my decor. I finally decided I was being insane for wondering if I should buy it, and bought it! I am so excited to start working on it, staining the real wood and repainting the legs etc. I’m not sure if it will be for this year, or if it will be a Christmas present for Landon. Either way, I love it already!

6. I must have a crafty bug, ’cause I’ve also been sewing a bunch lately.  I made some headbands for Emma, and some little Boo boo bags for the kids (you can find a super easy tutorial here) and some other fun stuff (stocking stuffers for the kids). Horray for crafts!

7. My friend’s friend sent me this awesome link a while back, and I made them this week, and the kids love them! It’s Homemade Finger Paints, they’re super easy to make, and of ingredients that are fine if the little one’s want accidentally taste test. (read: Emma. ;))

8. For those who’ve sent sweet emails inquiring, I’m still booking sessions on my wait list as they wish to be scheduled! If you wish to be on a wait list for details, please contact me! Now is a good time to think about Christmas card pictures, as I don’t believe at this time I will be booking any sessions in December, if we are still here or not.

9. That is, unless you have a newborn baby coming in December. Then I’ll come over and snuggle, and photograph. 😉

10. Have a happy week everyone!

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