10 On Tuesday {Spokane On Location Photographer}

1. We’re back to Tuesday again! Last week was full of sessions and work, this week I am enjoying (lots of 😉 ) editing, and filling orders etc. My dining room table is full of lovely pictures and cd’s!

2. The beggining of next week I have a session with my dear friend Amy, and her husband, and then a newborn baby due anytime!

3. AND, if you are expecting a little sweetie of your own, keep watching for a newborn special coming soon, for those due in November, January & February!

4. Does anyone listen to The Civil Wars? I am loving some of their music, like 20 Years, which I have listened to no less than 20 billion times in a row. 😉 I do love their music though, and how they harmonize. Their cd is $5.99 on Amazon right now, check it out! (and if you have a Kindle, watch for the $2 off a top ten album deal, makes it even cheaper!) Also, for what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure John Paul White is going for the Johnny Depp look. 😉

5. Has anyone else seen the following picture floating around on Facebook? It makes me laugh. My dad totally would’ve worn a shirt like this when my sister and I were dating. 😉


(sadly, it’s been shared so many times now, I can’t give any credit for where it originated from.)

7. I fully intend on getting caught up on my Frame a Day blog later tonight, after letting it go for a week.

8. That is, assuming that after I get the kids to bed I don’t just collapse on the couch and fall asleep. 😉

9. We’re off to the pumpkin patch tomorrow! I’m hoping for good weather, and some yummy apples to make fruit leather! I adore fall.

10. Have a happy week! More sneak peeks are coming soon.

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