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I’ve finally gotten my site and blog upgraded, to where I *think* I want it. Hopefully we’re good for now, but please let me know if posts or pages don’t go where they should, or if things don’t update properly. I’d love to know!

Happy Almost Easter! This past week I took the kids out to our little neighborhood park for our last “session” there. As we get ready to move in about 2-3 weeks, it’s a little bittersweet. This is the first home Nathan & I bought together. It’s where we started a family, where the kids took their first steps, and the only home they’ve ever known. It’s teeny tiny, but we love it, and we adore our neighbor’s. Not seeing Linda on our walks, or waving to the elderly man on the corner of Shenandoah every time I go jogging is kind of sad. It’s weird to look around our living room, and see boxes everywhere. To see all the pictures off the wall, and all my plants in the corner, ready to go. Our first little home for the last 5 years, and it’s already time to move on.

So, here’s our little corner of the world for 3 more weeks. And while I absolutely can’t wait to find new spots to photograph,  meet new neighbor’s to wave to, and make new memories in our new home, I’ll always hold this one in my heart.



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