100 Thoughts for my Baby Girl- Spokane Photographer

Words of advice for my baby girl

1. You are perfect the way you are. Do not ever let yourself be told you aren’t enough.
2. But, don’t be afraid to change. Be ever pursuing to better yourself, in the ways that God puts on your heart.
3. Being married someday will be the best, and hardest experience of your life. Choose very wisely.
4. Cherish every single moment you are “bored”, because someday you will wish you had a few minutes to yourself.
5. No matter how much you think you love me, you will be overwhelmed by mine & daddy’s love for you when you hold your own child in your arms someday.
6. Take the chance to travel when you can. It’s a blessing and a delight to meet new people and view how they live life.
7. You will never be disappointed that you were too kind to someone.
8. Your big brother might seem annoying some days, but he loves you to pieces and he wants to protect you.
9. For that matter, mommy and daddy might get annoying some days. Trust me when I say that we pray over each decision, and that your best interests and happiness are always in our hearts.
10. Some days you won’t feel beautiful, but you are. God made you unique, just the way you are. Never be anyone but yourself.
11. Everyone is blessed with their own talents. You will make yourself sad and upset if you try to copy what others do. Find your own joys.
12. No boy has ever loved you as much as your daddy does. Remember that.
13. If you ever feel like you can’t talk to anyone, not even me or daddy, pray. God is always there for you, and He will never, ever forsake you.
14. You make your own joy. Not anyone else.
15. The world is in a sad state because people love things and use people. Use things, love people. It’s that simple.
16. You don’t need things or lots of money to make you happy. Daddy’s & my happiest moments together have had absolutely nothing to do with money. People get caught up in it, and forget to live life.
17. Watch the sun rise and the sun set at least once a week.
18. Coffee is delicious. Mommy will never be too busy to have a coffee date with her girl.
19. You can be anything you want to be.
20. You might hate it, or you might love it, but school is necessary. Put your whole mind into it, and you will be grateful.
21. You need dear friends to help you through life. Mommy has a few friends, your aunties, that support her completely, as she does them. Work hard at your friendships, Emma.
22. If your family and friends are telling you not to do something, consider their counsel, not matter how badly you want to ignore it.
23. Always hold on to your morals.
24. Blue eyes will melt your heart. Beware.
25. Look for a man with a sense of humor. Your daddy makes me laugh every day, and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him.
26. Guard you heart.
27. You will have friends and then you will have FRIENDS. Learn who you can trust, but be careful how you learn it.
28. Love is not how the movie’s portray it. It’s much better.
29. Work hard. The woman in Proverb’s 31 worked her butt off. Follow that example.
30. Some moments, a girl just needs to sit down with a good book. Enjoy relaxing.
31. If you ever feel depressed, do something for someone else. Take them flowers, or a meal, or call them up. You’ll feel better.
32. Have 5 meals that are amazing, and that you can whip up with no recipe. Always have those ingredients around.
33. Exercise is good for the soul, and running clears your mind.
34. People will be kind when you are kind to them. This applies to your Realtor, the waiter, and your family.
35. Read books, pray, and do everything you can to promote a good relationship with your husband, regardless if you think it needs improving or not.
36. Memorize scripture. Lots of it.
37. If you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, say a prayer about whatever’s on your mind. God might be waking you up so you can talk to him.
38. If you are ever overwhelmed, I am right here for you.
39. Everyone talks about their problems. When someone asks how you are, talk about your joys.
40. There is nothing like a spring morning, a fall afternoon, snow falling, or hot summer nights. Get outside and enjoy it.
41. There is a reason God will put some people into your life. Even if you have a hard time with them, keep trucking on. You may not see it for a year, or five years, or ever, but you’re learning something.
42. Don’t get stuck in the past.
43. You will make mistakes. That means you’re learning. Get up. Move. Grow.
44. Guys can be jerks.
45. Time flies.
46. Your church family will be a boon to your soul when you’re older. There’s a reason it’s called a “family”. Lean on them.
47. Flowers make any day brighter.
48. A garden is a fun thing to have. Try growing your own, at least once.
49. If you end up with a career, make it something you absolutely love. If you stay home, as a wife, or with kids as a mommy, make sure you love that too.
50. Put on red nails and red lipstick once in awhile.
51. My mom is one of my best friends. I hope you feel the same about me, darling girl.
52. Smile even more than you already do.
53. You will be doing well if you can find a good, Christian man to marry. You will be doing amazing if you can find one as good as your daddy.
54. No matter how old you are, you can always come home.
55. No matter what you do, I will always love you.
56. Listen to the people that love you, and you won’t have to worry about the ones that don’t.
57. It’s better that people think you are too quiet than to think you talk too much.
58. Some days, someone will be a jerk to you. Be patient, and courteous with them, as others are to you when you stumble.
59. Do something that scares you once a week. Then marvel in how well you did what scares you most.
60. Do a totally crazy haircut at least once in your life.
61. A first kiss is a very special thing. Choose wisely.
62. Save more than you think you need to.
63. Take care of your body.
64. Be silly.
65. If you change nothing, nothing will change. Remember that if you’re annoyed you’re not going anywhere.
66. Passion is good.
67. Remember: You’re trying to be like Jesus
68. Find at least one thing you and your husband love doing together. A hobby, a sporting event, a movie night.
69. Keep your credit & your teeth clean. These are two things that will follow you your entire life.
70. Your heart will probably get broken, at least once. I’m glad mine did, because if it hadn’t, daddy and I wouldn’t be together.
71. From your Auntie Rachel: when the box of hair dye tells you to test a small patch of hair…seriously, test a small patch of hair.
72. Pray every day for your family. And your man.
73. Some people, mainly women, can create drama out of absolutely nothing. Don’t get caught up in it.
74. Splurge on a beautiful dress and pair of high heels at least once.
75. No matter how you feel, you always have more value than you think.
76. From your Grandma Cheryl:  Don’t ever compromise your convictions to win friends or to win love. Those who truly love you will never ask you to.
77. Learn to make a good berry pie.
78. Always take one quick look before you leave the restroom. You might have your dress tucked into your pantyhose.
79. Dance with daddy, every chance you get.
80. Mean Girls, the movie? There really are mean girls. Adjust the sails accordingly.
81. Mind your own business.
82. Keep your house tidy. It doesn’t have to be spotless, but picked up. The more you do it, the more you’ll want to, until it becomes second nature.
83. It takes 30 days to make or break a habit. You can do it…either way.
84. If he doesn’t bring you a bouquet of flowers and take you out to a snazzy dinner he planned on his own, he’s probably not worth it.
85. Keep up to date on current events around the world.
86. Have fun playing in the dirt, my little tomboy.
87. Nurture traditions when you have a family someday.
88. Girl’s days are fun. You need some time off.
89. Read lots and lots of books. It’s so fun to learn something new.
90. Country music speaks to the soul. And gets your mama dancing.
91. Being a wife and mommy are two of the greatest jobs ever.
92. Lack of planning on someone else’s part does not constitute an emergency on your part.
93. Pick your battles.
94. Be informed. This applies to doctor’s, voting, your shampoo pick.
95. Just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t mean it’s right.
96. Always carry a $20 in your purse.
97. Learn to speak a different language.
98. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
99. Enjoy the ride.
100. Marvel at the beautiful, amazing miracle that you are.

Love you, baby girl,


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