Designing Your Session & Style Guide

Designing Your Spokane, WA Photography Session

One of my favorite parts about a boutique Spokane photography session, is that fact that you, the client, have the chance to design your session as you wish it to be. You may choose the location, the colors, the clothing, the style and feel of your session! Below are a few pointers on how to choose. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the images to see clothing and style guide ideas. Happy dreaming!!


This is the first, and most important thing to be mindful about when planning your session. What style do you wish for your session to have? Some prefer downtown trendy, others a casual, park setting, while still others prefer a classy elegance in their own living room. Not sure how to pick a style? Think of where you wish to display the images in your home. Does your little girl’s room have pink’s and green’s in it? A spring session in a flower garden will turn out with portraits that tie in perfectly. Do you wish for a large family portrait to hang over your fireplace in the living room? Perhaps choosing rocks by the beach would tie in nicely. Imagine how you want it to look, and how that look incorporates with your style and home.


Spokane is full of unique outdoor locations. It can be a daunting task at times, and is the top question my clients ask after booking the session: “Where should we go for our custom session?” Here are some ideas I give them, that send them in the right direction.

  • Do you have a spot in town that is particularly special or memorable to your family? It could be where you were engaged, the first place you met your spouse, or your favorite park to play with your children at.
  • Go back to what style you picked for your session. Do you want that classy portrait over the fireplace? Inside your formal living room, or your styled backyard might be best. Looking for carefree, summer images of your kids for the play room? Perhaps a lakeside or park session would be perfection!
  • Keep in mind that outdoor sessions offer various backdrops.
  • In comparison, indoor sessions work with well lit, larger homes. The client must prepare carefully, by carefully removing clutter, and creating the environment in their home that they wish to portray in their portrait.

Clothing Choices

Clothing choices are notoriously difficult and amazingly fun at the same time. When accessories, colors and family member’s all tie in together, the looks pops, and is stunning against the backdrop you’ve chosen. However, when family member’s do not have clothing on that coincides with one another, such as one extremely bright & noisy pattern, or drab colors, the look can be disappointing.  Over my years as a professional Spokane photographer, here are some tips for clothing choices.

  • Accessorize! The more accessories the better, because we can always remove them. Think two to three good, solid base colors, and build with pops of colors in the accessories. Scarves, belts, jewelry, hats, headbands, and fun shoes are all excellent ideas of accessories. is a fabulous resource for homemade, fun accessories for your images. is a fabulous website if you need more guidance in matching colors.
  • Watch the patterns. Choose one or sometimes two patterns, depending on how many family members are in the images, and remain firm on those patterns. Another great way of choosing patterns, is for dad to be wearing a patterned shirt, and mom in the same, or similar patterned scarf. From their, add the accessories to tie in all the colors! As a rule of thumb, however, avoid patterns that are too garish or busy.
  • Enjoy your picks. If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, you won’t look comfortable in your portraits. Make sure you, and the rest of your family, is feel comfy and happy in what they are wearing.

As an added bonus, enjoy the guides below, to get some ideas for seasonal picks!

Finally, I’m always here for you! Please contact me by phone or email with questions. I help many clients with the details, so they can look back at their portraits for years to come, and be absolutely thrilled with the results.


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